Unedited reflections…….. The best story (Our story).

Unedited reflections…….. The best story (Our story).


There are feelings that are not similar. Childhood memories. Unique.

There are feelings that are not similar. Childhood memories. Unique. The Old Sun was setting on the Old World, which was not very beautiful, but still ours. We were the last offspring destined to experience and feel it. We played and played, and for a while we didn't even notice the New Sun rising into the sky. It must be said that we had little sunshine at all: summers, although infinitely green, but, year after year, so short and cool! There was as much happiness as you want. We were happy with nonsense and trivia, not of anything! We baked sand cakes on the beach and rejoiced at every stone we found that had a hole dug in the water. Through it one could look at the Sun, which in the evening fluttered on the sea like a palm. We were the Little Princes ourselves, friends of Winnie the Pooh, we traveled with Nezinītis to the Moon and enthusiastically led Brothers Grimm to the parade of characters we got to know in detail. And, yes, most importantly, it was all so real! Time went by and did it fast. There was less and less time for games and soon they were completely replaced by learning efforts and school time off. Time picked up pace. The new Sun continued to shine brighter and brighter, only - somewhere, but not for us ... We began to sense that there are places on the World where the Sun is incomparably more, just as, without any reason, much more. We began to wonder how the Sun could get here, in our story. We tried to ignite it with a passionate debate, playing music together between the student lotus and builders' camps ... But already in the morning the usual gray had covered everything, including the sore head. The songs alone turned out to be not enough. Although it seemed enough for the sung revolution, for each of us - still not enough. Although slowly but surely we understood: everyone must measure their own course towards the Sun. Each Unknown Path in itself is a big question, full of challenges, anxieties and emotions. We were lucky, and after a long search, wandering through the sand and nowhere, we, like the Little Prince, found Our Way that led to the People. The most difficult thing turned out to be the right ones - the People with whom to shorten the still Unfinished Path, who continued to call forward, with whom to maintain their New World's sprouting oasis and build their castles of ideas. And win your first victories. Good is the fight we fight for our dreams, there are many such dreams in our youth, they swell in the soul with great power, we are brave and heroic, but we have not yet mastered the skill of fighting. Step by step, with great effort, we learn to fight, but then courage and heroism have developed, and we are afraid to fight. That is why we turn against ourselves and fight in ourselves. We ourselves become our greatest enemy. We tell ourselves that our dreams were childish and too difficult to realize, or that they were caused by a lack of knowledge about life.

We kill dreams because we are afraid to get into a good fight… (Notes by Paul Coelho, The Magician).

It is safest, of course, to consistently follow Winnie the Pooh’s immortal “you have to do it as you have to do it, but you have to do it as you don't have to do it you don't have to do it ...” Now, for at least the last fifteen years, time just flies ... With a bright sparkling tail like a comet. Just be careful not to burn another solstice together while diving. We have created a bright, colorful world of paper for ourselves, which has proven to be necessary for others as well. Framed in a small picture frame, we greet everyone, wishing you the Sun and Happiness! And although its New Sun is not as much as it would like…. For us, the sun is enough, everything is enough. Enough for both flower meadows and backyard gardens. The garden lit by the new sun, groomed in a harmonious rhythm, delights with simple flowers and surprises with exquisite varieties of flowers and encourages neighbors to bring something from the splendor of the adjacent yard to their backyard.

The fight we are fighting because our heart demands it is still good. So we are still trying to do it as it was when things were real. We water and care for our flowers, we keep cleaning our volcanoes, we are still looking for people, those who have roots, those who are not driven by the wind. Either way, we have already realized that the Real People always get to the Right Time where they are really waiting.